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Welcome to the Marketing Tips Daily blog, a new section here on Marketing Binder, where I, Allen Stafford – a marketing professional with 17 years of marketing experience – will bring to you, the small to mid-sized business (SMB) daily marketing tips on a variety of marketing subjects that include:

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I will cover these and more topics across a variety of industries. But keep in mind, when I discuss a specific marketing tip for one industry, it can be easily adapted to another industry. I do not want readers thinking that a tip can only apply to the industry I use as an example for that particular days marketing tip.

Additionally, many of the daily marketing tips will not only be in written form, but I will record a podcast to compliment the daily tip; often times, the podcast will provide more in-depth discussion. Plus, there will also be a transcript of the podcast so you can review what was discussed.
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I’m very excited to get the show on the road. If you’re new to the site and you do not see a lot of activity, do not become discouraged. I am adding stuff in the backend as well as preparing my daily tips and recording podcasts. I think the site will be very helpful to the small to mid-sized business owner. I’m also excited to hear from you, the readers. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated and valued. I can only grow this site and community with the help of your feedback. If you do not agree with a marketing tip, say so; be constructive in  your discussion, but by all means, tell me your thoughts. I may be experienced in marketing, but I’m not perfect!

So, sit back, check back, and enjoy the upcoming content on my new site, Marketing Tips Daily!

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