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Top Brands Worldwide in 2016

Forbes Magazine just released its top 100 Most Valuable Brands of 2016. There’s no surprise that almost half of the top 25 on the list are tech companies with Apple positioned at number one, despite their $50 billion drop in value after its first quarterly sales decline since 2003.

We can also see, from that data, that ad expenditures does not necessarily equate to increased overall brand value as in the case of Facebook versus Louis Vuitton, the fashion designer.

The company’s brand value of $52.6 billion and $281 million in ad spending is no comparison to Louis Vuitton’s $27.3 billion brand value and $4.4 billion in ad spending. Facebook is valued at almost twice that of Vuitton and spends just a fraction on advertising. What does this tell you about being an online tech company?

Regardless of the business sector, becoming a top valuable brand requires both a hefty advertising budget as well as a strategic marketing plan, and being innovative in your sector.


To see the top 25 most valuable brands, click the tab at the top. Visit Forbes for the top 100 most valuable brands of 2016.


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