The Common Forms of Business Writing chart at the bottom of the Business Writing Academy home page outlines various business communication types and their purpose. Adding to that information, the chart below shows the most common audience type for each communication form.

Planning and Audience Analysis in Business Writing

The first section of step one in the three-step writing process for business writing. This lesson walks you through developing a purpose for your writing and developing an audience profile.

Writing A Company Mission Statement Header Image

Writing Effective Business Mission Statements

Writing effective mission statements for your company. Gain insights into what makes a great mission statement versus a poorly written mission statement.

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Essential Soft Skills for Marketing Managers Career Success

As a marketing manager, you’re passionate about all that is marketing. You have a lot of time invested in developing your hard skills; your education, professional development courses, and certifications. Late nights in the office are a welcomed — solemn — relief to the pressured, deadline driven, chaotic day where you’re tethered to a cubical […]

Developing the Optimal Value Proposition that Drives Market Success

For a business to achieve market success, it must create superior value for their customers, collaborators, and the organization. This article examines the three critical questions marketers should ask in order to create the optimum value proposition.

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The Three-Step Writing Process in Business Communication

Effective business writing is essential to a company because it helps create efficient communication that leads to increased productivity, faster problem solving, stronger decision-making, and increased profits. It also helps boost the organization’s credibility.