merchandise mix

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Merchandise mix is the total set of all products offered for sale by a retailer, including all product lines sold to all consumer groups.

merchandise mix retail store photo

Interior view of a supercenter retail store. Supercenters sell everything from food and produce to clothing and electronics. Photo Credit:

Further Discussion and Example of merchandise mix:

The retail industry covers everything from large supercenters (Big-box stores) to small vendors pedaling goods along the roadside. The biggest dilemma a retail store owner faces, is what to sell, or what their merchandise mix should consist of. If retailers stock too much of a variety of merchandise, they risk appearing like a jack-of-all-trades, potentially losing money in the long run. If they stock a small merchandise mix (few items) they run the risk of losing business, especially to local brick-and-mortar stores and online competitors.

For retailers, deciding on their marketing mix is similar to deciding on their market segments. Retailers need to decide who they are selling to and the needs of their market segment.



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