green marketing

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Green marketing is a marketing strategy that supports environmental stewardship that helps create a differential benefit in the minds of consumers.

Further discussion on green marketing:

Green marketing is just one aspect of an organization’s overall commitment to sustainability. Green marketing is being deployed by most forward-thinking firms today. Recent studies on green marketing and its impact have yielded some interesting results, such as:

  • Close to half of the reporting companies state that they are consciously taking steps toward becoming more green.
  • Over 80 percent of respondents state they are planning to increase their budgets on green marketing in the future.
  • Companies with smaller marketing budgets tend to think green marketing is more effective than larger companies do. they also tend to spend more on green marketing than larger companies.
  • The most popular medium for green marketing was the internet, with over 74% of respondents spending money online.
  • Marketers that track marketing expenditure to the relationship of sales believe consumers spend more for green products.
  • Green marketing initiatives are lead by marketers, with 50 percent of firm managers agreeing that the control of the sustainability programs (green marketing) within the firm fall into the hands of the marketers.
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