dual adaption

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Dual adaptation is the adaption of both the product and the communications to a local market.

For example, when a company changes their marketing communications strategy for a local market, the process is known as communications adaptation. However, when the company changes both the product and their marketing communications, the process is a dual adaptation.

Example of dual adaption:

S.C. Johnson’s wax floor polish was an initial disaster in the Japanese market. The floor wax was too slippery for a culture of people who did not wear shoes at home. The brand had to adapt its communications and product for the market.

Additionally, Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts were a colossal failure in Great Britain for two reasons, one, very few homes had toasters, and second, Pop-Tarts were too sweet tasting for the British palate. Kellogg’s would have to adapt their product for a market that lacked toasters (or change their marketing communications message) and changes the product to make it less sweet.


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