adapted global marketing

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Adapted global marketing is an international marketing approach that adjusts the marketing strategy and marketing mix elements to each international target market. By adapting the marketing strategy to each market, the overall marketing costs increases. However, as a result, it is hoped that the adaption to different markets produces a larger market share and return on investment.

Further Discussion on Adapted Global Marketing

There is a debate over brands approaching international markets with either a standardized global marketing or adapted global marketing approach. Supporters of the adapted global marketing approach claim that consumers in different countries differ significantly in their needs and wants, spending power, product preferences, and shopping patterns. They contend that marketing strategies should be tailored to the target country’s specific cultural needs, while maintaining the overall brand image.

Example  of Adapted Global Marketing 

As an example of adapted global marketing, McDonald’s in France has adapted to the local tastes of its consumers. While McDonald’s maintains its overall brand image; logo, store layout, main menu items, the French brand of McDonald’s caters to the locals taste; it offers burgers with French cheeses. They also provided freshly baked baguettes for their McBaguette sandwiches.


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