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    I just read your post on writing mission statements but I am confused. You mentioned a vision statement but did not mention what a vision statement is. Also, what is the difference between a mission and a vision statement, if there is a difference?

    Thank you,


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    Allen Stafford

    Hi Katlin,

    Thank you for the question. First off, you beat me to the punch. I am working on the next installment of the lesson on mission and vision statements. Expect to see a posting on how to write a mission and vision statement where I explain what the difference between the mission and vision statement is.

    However, I will give you a brief difference between the two.

    Mission statements are written statements for the reason the firm exists. Some people call it the purpose statement, but nevertheless, the mission outlines the companies reason for existence and how the organization aims to serve their key stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, and community.

    In contrast, the vision statement is a future-oriented declaration of a firms aspirations, where they would like to be at some point in the future based on following their mission.

    Hope this helps explain the difference between a mission and vision statement.

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