Resturant Marketing Tips

Promoting Your Restaurant’s Menu Through Social Media – Daily Marketing Tip #1

Daily Marketing Tip #1 – Explanation

By now, if your restaurant or food establishment is not on social media, you’re possibly losing out on potential business. In Marketing Binders premiere Daily Marketing Tips section, I discuss the need to post good images of your food dishes / products to your social media stream, consistently during peak serving hours.

Here’s why. We are a technological society enamored with social media, specifically sites such as Facebook (where we find an abundance of food postings). Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and a whole host of other social sharing sites. According to, cell phone usage is projected to reach over 2.6 billion users worldwide, with both Android and iOS comprising the majority of cell phone users. What does all of this mean for your restaurant business? A lot of potential customers thumb surfing through social media on their phones.

By showcasing your new menu items, “hot” sellers (pun intended), and other favored (or not so favored) menu items, frequently on social media, you help entice potentially hungry customers into visiting your restaurant. But, timing is everything. The key is to post just prior to and during your peak serving hours. If you’re posting food images all day long and too frequently, you can create follower burnout. Additionally, posting too many food pictures all day long does not pair well with a good content strategy for social media.

A Note on Social Media Content Marketing and the 4-1-1 Rule

An important rule to note when frequently posting self promotions is the  4-1-1 Rule for Social Media, popularized by Joe Pulizzi of The Content Marketing Institute. The rule states that “for every self-serving social media post, you should post one relevant post and share four pieces of relevant content written by others.” The 4-1-1 rule gives you the opportunity to have dialog, build awareness of your business, as well as keep in touch with followers without being too pushy.

If you are promoting content written by others on your site throughout the day, self-serving posts during a few hours of peak serving should not pose a concern.