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How to Design A Coupon for A Sales Promotion

Coupons are an all time favorite among consumers. A coupon is the most basic form of a sales promotion, and often part of a retail store or restaurants marketing communications strategy. If used effectively, coupons can help generate business. This article focuses on how to design a coupon, as part of your sales promotion.

You do not need to be a graphic designer, but it is assumed that you have working knowledge of design programs, such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator, or QuarkXpress. For the most part, you could use Adobe Photoshop as well.

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Five Important Factors of Marketing Communications

Last updated: Oct 3, 2018 @ 12:56 PM

This blog posting will give you a brief, yet insightful list of the five important factors of marketing communications. Before you begin any marketing communications strategy, I suggest you first begin with a plan that includes an analysis of the five factors of marketing communications and how these factors will be part of your strategy.

You can look at these five factors as your blueprint for marketing communications success. Without understanding and implementing them, you are diminishing your chances of a focused and successful marketing campaign.  The five essential factors of marketing communications are persuasiongoal-directedcontact pointsstakeholders, and message. Read on to learn each of these factors.

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