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Communication — in its most basic form — is a complex process of encoding and decoding information, ideas, and feelings. Business writing and communication adds even more complexity to the process. The sender must communicate effectively so that the receiver clearly understands the message in as unbiased a manner as possible. As you can imagine, this task can possess complexity depending on the receiver’s state of mind, their culture and on the sender’s ability to clearly articulate the intended message. Unlike writing fiction or non-fiction, the business writer requires a disciplined set of skills that help them communicate business messages with brevity, professionalism, and effectiveness in order to elicit a favorable outcome for the business or their cause.

The writing resource by provides the business professional with the necessary tools to become a skilled writer and achieve their communication goals. Through posts, videos, and images the writing academy provides the reader with business writing tips, resources, and insights to the various types of writing applications. Additional writing resources can be found at the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Common Forms of Business Writing

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The Common Forms of Business Writing chart at the bottom of the Business Writing Academy home page outlines various business communication types and their purpose. Adding to that information, the chart below shows the most common audience type for each communication form.
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