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Developing a Social Media Process for your Business

Social media has exploded exponentially over the past few years. Many marketers find themselves rushing to start a plan or strategy without really understanding how to use social media or how social media can help their company. While some marketers believe social media is a platform for direct sales, others see social media as a communications vehicle to listen to and engage their customers. Which ever school of thought you may subscribe to, one thing is for certain, without a social media process, your online marketing efforts faces an uphill battle.

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Marketing Laws and Regulations in the U.S.

As marketers, we often develop tunnel vision in our work, focusing strictly on the strategic or creative side of marketing projects. We sometimes, unintentionally, overlook the legal aspects that could stop our campaigns (and careers) dead in their tracks. As marketers, it’s our responsibility to know and understand the marketing laws and regulations that can affect marketing activities and the laws protecting consumers. If we ignore these laws, we can end up paying a hefty price in legal fee’s, loss of company revenues, reputation, and even our jobs.

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